How to Reach the Uninterested Buyers and Strike Conversation

Let’s face it. Not everyone in your market will be interested to buy from you. Some, rather a lot of them, will not even be aware of your existence. This will not be a problem if there are a lot of buyers in your market and having just a fraction of it is sufficient to fuel your business’s unstoppable growth. In a growth industry, a group of uninterested buyers cause not much problem, as the market is expanding.

But in a stagnant or contracting market, this could be a problem. This could be a serious problem even in the market that is red with competition, which unfortunately is the case with almost every industry. So everyone wants to tread the path which will lead one to the hidings where their prospects are lurking. This article will tell you about that.

Segment your buyers

Before you start your search for prospects, you need to segment your market on the basis of its psychographic makeup as well as usage behavior. Mere demographic segmentation is not enough.

The next step will be to make individual clusters taking overlapping segments. Take one cluster at a time and begin with your search mission.

Scour Facebook

Instead of talking about social media in general, I will talk about Facebook in particular, as this is the place where most of your buyers (or any industry’s buyers, for that matter) hang out. This is the place where the perceptual barrier is very, very low – by the way, the perceptual barrier is very high on Twitter, so speaking your heart will not give you advantage, but listening will.

The next step would be to create a Facebook fan page for your business. This will give you a platform to bring your visitors to. Once your profile is ready, create an ad to promote your fan page, if your budget permits. You should also join Facebook groups related to your industry or of your industry. A lot many people visit these groups.

Spice up Facebook fan page

The next thing you can do is to spice up your Facebook fan page, and for this you will need to use couple of tools –(1.) Facebook games, (2.) welcome page with Lead capture form.

You can use survey, polls, and other tools as well, but a well-designed Facebook game is the most engaging tool. People spend a lot of time playing Facebook games.

You need lead capture form on the welcome page of your Facebook fan page to convert casual visitors to your subscribers. To this end, you will need to provide some killer freebie as well; otherwise your lead form will not work well.

Send newsletters

Create a series of autoresponder messages targeted at the visitors joining your list from Facebook. Your autoresponder should kick in as soon as visitors confirm their e-mail address. This should begin with a welcome message, declaration of intent explain what they can expect in coming mails, and link to the freebie content that you promised at the time of sign-up. This mail should reach your new subscribers within hours of their signup – I prefer within minutes.

Do not try to sell at this point. It will dilute the effect and ruin your chances of converting the subscribers into your customers. At this point, all you need to do is provide high-quality content to engage your customers.

Try it now

This is just one way in which you can contact your uninterested buyers and convert them into loyal customers through meaningful discussions on topics of their interest.

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