Hire a Virtual Assistant to Do Manual SEO On-Page Job for You

If we borrow metaphors from athletics then SEO is not a 100-meter race, it’s a marathon, in which you have to run many miles, and to succeed in which you only do not need a lot of practice, but a lot of stamina as well. Along with that you need surgical precision in executing various search engine optimization tasks.

That is the reason why we dissuade people from hiring independent contractors to perform manual on-page SEO tasks. They are not reliable and accountable, and when I say that I do not mean that all independent workers are not reliable. Quite a few who are exceptional, but they either are taken (always), or are hard to find. The search cost, at times, become so high that it is better to go with a virtual assistant renting agency (virtual assistant service provider). They always have enough heads to help you finish your work on time.

We have a team of virtual assistants that help our clients complete on-page SEO tasks in a timely fashion and with utmost accuracy. We offer a weekly report, and at times daily, if needed, of the work our virtual assistants perform for the client. Like any virtual assistant renting agency, we can help you perform the following on-page SEO tasks.

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On-page SEO Tasks our VA can do for you

Detailed Keyword Research

Keywords or keyword phrases are the building block of the Internet, and the whole online world is organized, categorized, and listed around them, so it becomes fundamental to the success of your business that you do a detailed keyword research. We have a team of keyword research specialists who know the tricks and tools of the trade, and could be hired as SEO virtual assistants. Please also read:

Meta tags optimization

Another important on-page SEO factor is a set of meta tags, optimizing which is a must to make your website visible to search spiders. You can delegate this work to our victual assistants. The turnaround time for this kind of work is very less.

XML Sitemap Creation

Sitemap is like a travel guide for search engine optimization, which they invariably need to scour through the pages in your website. Our XML programmers have helped many companies in creating an XML sitemap which helps search bots discover all the pages in the website.

Robots.txt Optimization

There are pages which you do not want people and machines to see. You want to keep it away from the indexing gaze of search engine bots, so that they remain away from people. For this, we create and deploy Robots.txt file. This is one of the tasks that our virtual assistants can do for you. They can help you create a detailed Robots.txt file with proper exclusion and inclusion commands.

Top Competitor’s Analysis

Understanding the nature and strength of competition is very important for the success of your business. You do not just need to find out how many companies are using PPC or optimizing their websites for certain words, but you also need to know how well they are doing so, and how strongly they are doing it. This could easily be done through SEO virtual assistants.

Content Optimization for SEO Value

Content is the king, and well-optimized content is the king whom everyone loves – from search engines to human. The days of focusing merely on keyword density, as we all know, are long over. Now there are many things that we need to consider when doing content optimization using the keywords. You can hire an experienced virtual assistant to perform such works for you.

Image Optimization and Alt Tags

With growing use of image search, the importance of Alt tag in an image has risen, significantly. A proper use of Alt tags in images can boost search engine ranking of a website, and will open new doors through which people will come to the website.

W3C Validation

Even a single critical error in the codes of your website could result in catastrophe in your search engine ranking, as search bots will find it hard to cross the barrier raised by broken codes and reach your content. We can help you eliminate all kinds of W3C code verification error. This will help search bots glide through your content and index it properly.

Complete on-page optimization

A virtual assistant can help you in doing individual on-page SEO tasks, but he can be more valuable when hired to help you do complete on-page SEO optimization. This will take your work-load off your shoulder giving you enough time to plan your business move. In other words, our virtual assistants will free you from counting trees, and give you enough time to see the forest.

Google Webmaster Tools Verification

We can also help you set up and verify Google Webmaster Tools on your website. This will help you make your website more Google-friendly. It will also help you ascertain problems in your website, if any.  You can see how Google is indexing your website and how much search traffic you are getting.

Bing Webmaster Tools Verification

Like Google Webmaster Tools, Bing also has a set of tools that helps webmasters understand the indexed page, track rank of a website in Bing, see the number of incoming links, and keywords performance. This is a must-have tool set for any professional website. We have helped installed Bing Webmaster Tools on quite a number of websites. You can hire our virtual assistants do the same for you as well.

Google Analytics Installation

Google Analytics is one of the best analytics tool in the business. It is a must-have tool for every website. It helps you understand the nature of your website traffic, bounce rate, page views, marketing effectiveness, etc. Instead of doing the manual work on your own, you can hire a virtual assistant to install this tool and customize it as per your requirement.

These are not the only tasks that a virtual assistant can perform for you. These are mere the examples of SEO tasks that a virtual assistant can perform for you. Contact us and we will tell you what all they can do for you.

Get a SEO Virtual Assistant

Want to try a SEO VA, or  virtual assistants for submission work, for yourself?  Then find some great ones, at great prices over our Hire a SEO VA page or read more about SEO Services our Virtual Assistants can do for you or simply contact us with all your requirements.

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