Internet Marketing Trends 2011

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Internet marketing has been changing like anything, for the number of people considering digital marketing as the main source of income has been dramatically increased. Having a look at the internet marketing trends in 2011 will show the emergence of social media marketing and video marketing to the main stream, along with the changes in the strategies for marketing and making money online.

Internet Marketing Trends in 2011

Social Media Rules

The emergence of social media marketing as the major platform for internet marketing is the most significant change the year could witness. The unlimited possibilities of social networks helped businesses save a huge amount of time and money.

Even the small businesses and the beginners in internet marketing started using all the social networks led by Facebook, micro blogging revolution Twitter, Professional network LinkedIn and the web’s ultimate video sharing site, YouTube. The web savvies who know what is website marketing often found social media marketing as the easiest and most affordable method to make money online.

Mobile Marketing

As the smart phone wars are reaching new heights, the customers were lucky enough to have the smartest phones with fully functional internet access at cheaper rates. The internet marketing experts, knowing the possibility of digital marketing on mobile devices, started focusing on mobile friendly websites, which led to another explosion, mobile marketing.

The users accessing the web on the go popped up more opportunities for ad networks on mobile platforms as well, which led tighter competition in the mobile ad market.

Video Marketing

Another internet marketing trend in 2011 is the increased popularity of video marketing. The expansion and availability of faster internet connections made people think that video marketing is the best way to promote products or services. All the leading internet marketing agencies adopted their own strategies for marketing and most of them experimented with the unknown potential of video marketing at multiple levels. Video marketing, when integrated with social media marketing, brought unpredicted results.

Value Vs. Money and Tactics Vs Strategies

Although the presence of fake gurus and products could contaminate the internet marketing arena, one of the recent internet marketing trends in 2011 is the attitude shift. It is a great change that both the sellers and buyers initiated a value based business than money-based. Apart from playing unfair tactics, new strategies for marketing were appeared.

It is a fact that the presence of scams is not yet controlled, but the availability of genuine products in the digital marketing industry, and the options to check the authenticity opened doors to self protection up to an extent. Most of the digital marketing firms tried to guard their reputation at any cost even when the sales margins declined simply because the strategies for marketing will pay off in future.

Search Engine Optimization and Relevance

Google’s Panda update is one of the noted changes in the internet marketing trends in 2011, for the search major started paying attention to quality than quantity. The black hat SEO gurus and inacceptable ranking strategies were spotted and crushed. Although many giants had to suffer from search engine de-indexing, the results became more authentic.

The battle to increase the share in the search engine market led ways to many new possibilities to the internet marketing professionals.

Freebies Rules

The web, especially the digital marketing industry, became cheaper than ever before and many valuable resources were made available for free. Although some of the freebies were given as a reward for joining the social media marketing efforts or mobile marketing attempts, many other digital marketing products were given away as one of the strategies for marketing to get credibility.

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