Viral Marketing: Understanding The Power of Viral Contents

Before we get to the the power of viral contents we need to make sure everyone knows what viral contents are. Viral contents are videos, articles, pictures, games. Any blog posts or websites that are interesting for the ones that are surfing the web. The viral contents are usually something different then anyone has ever seen before. They came to be called viral because they spread out through the internet and attract visitors really fast.

These contents evoke a chain reaction between the users of the social networking services and because of their interesting content gets the users to share it on and on which actually makes them go viral and bring a lot of visitors.

Everyone that owns a website or a blog would want this kind of traffic delivered to their site but the trick is how to do it because not everything will go viral. You have to have a unique idea.

What will you need to get your content viral?

Depending on the form of viral content you are going for you will need different things. Since there are numerous contents that can go viral let’s analyze them one by one and see what you need to do in order to get them to spread.

Articles/Blog posts:

If you are going for a viral article which is plain text and sentences then you will need to have good writing skills. If you don’t have good writing skills but you have a good idea on a topic which has the potential to go viral then you can hire an author from a freelance site which has professional article writers, there are countless sites that offer this kind of service. (If needed I will personally help you to find a good writer)

Next you will need to organize the article so it looks appealing and interesting. Make sure that the sentences are easy to read. Make sure that there is fluidity while reading which is probably the most important part because if the people read the article are struggling with the sentences and are having a hard time connecting the sentences they won’t like the content therefor it won’t spread and become viral as you hoped.

viral article on social network
“An example of a Viral Article”


If you want to produce a viral video you have to make sure that it is done just right. This is not an easy task for beginners because you will need to know how to use a video editing software such as Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas Pro. You need an idea of a new, interesting, shocking and beautiful creation. Even tho sometimes the bizarre and disgusting stuff work too (Look at the video Breathe by Prodigy). You will need to edit the video and make it just perfect. This means you have to adjust the sound, the effects and make them aligned with the picture.

 This is what I mean when I say perfectly aligned.


If you decide to make a photo go viral you will need to take a photo with a great camera. If you are a professional photographer or you ever attended any classes about photography then you won’t have a hard time picking out the best angles to take the photo and you won’t have troubles with choosing the perfect lightning needed for the photo to come out wonderful. But if you haven’t had such classes and you are not a professional photographer then you should either consult with someone who is familiar with those things and let him/her help you out or check the internet if there are some quick lessons to learn those things.

Water Drop

If you have a funny picture in your disposal you can try and make that picture go viral by posting it on the net with some funny background story. Some choose to draw simple pictures and make a whole connected story like a short comic.

Game Comic
“Example of a Picture Comic”

Even though all of these content had the potential to go viral in the first place because let’s face it all of these look great and interesting. There is one ingredient that is really needed so the content starts spreading. That’s a recommendation to the social bookmarking sites by someone with authority. Someone that has a lot of friends. Someone who has many people following him and contacts them daily so that the connection isn’t lost. If a user with a huge number of connections share a content like this it would surely become viral in a couple of weeks.

Speaking of the power of this type of content we can easily say that it has a lot of potential to bring you a lot of traffic to your website. That traffic can be good for promoting a new website, bringing it’s page rank up and creating some quality backlinks to your site from other different sites that might like your content. The viral content has the power to quickly get your site to rank better on Google, have a higher page rank and authority which makes it good to consider having whether you are starting a new site or you want to attract visitors to some of your old sites that isn’t as active as it was before. Using the traffic from the viral exposure you can also monetize but the common question is still present.

How to monetize the traffic?

The best way I found yet to monetize the traffic that came from the viral contents is the PPS (Pay Per Signup or Free Sign Up). Since people that see this content aren’t usually looking to buy something, offering them a free sign up for something is the best way to get them to do it and get some cash out of it. Alternative methods would be some CPA or CPC Networks, Google Adsense, Pay Per Subscriber and affiliate programs but then again if you try to sell them something it will rarely work.

I think that viral marketing is a really good way to to start up a new site and promote an old one and it’s getting really popular with all the social networks growing larger and larger every day. It’s a great way to make some money online while postings things that you find interesting and amusing to your blog. It’s a fun way to make money and we all know everyone wants to have fun.

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