Free WP Theme Halloween: The most haunted theme in universe.

Halloween is round the corner so I am thrilled to present my latest Halloween Theme, the 4th theme of my All Season Theme Series. Hope you will enjoy the spirit of Halloween. Very soon I will be launching more themes like this absolutely *free of cost.* To view the previous 3 themes combo, please visit All Season Theme here.

Preview Halloween Here | Download Halloween Here.


Halloween Theme for WordPress Blog

Happy Halloween to all my readers in advance.

Author: Steve Arun

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10 Responses to “Free WP Theme Halloween: The most haunted theme in universe.”

  1. Mike says:

    Great theme! Looking for my blog. Try yours. But to many in blue! More orange and brown will be not bad.

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  3. Diana says:

    Great looking theme for Halloween, appreciate your offering this to us marketers looking for ideas for this event.

    Thank you.

  4. I really like this Halloween theme but I don’t think I could use it with my knight costume site. May have to start a new one so I can use this theme.

  5. connor says:

    how do u install the theame

  6. connor says:

    how do u install it

  7. Rolando says:

    Is that time of the year again. Time to dress up and get candy and give candy. Me and my kids always have fun at this time of year dressing up.

  8. Halloween Costumes says:

    Fantastic themes! Halloween is definitely my favorite time of the year and there’s nothing better than using one of the above themes all year long 🙂

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  10. john says:

    Awesome theme!!!! I love the graphics of your theme. I want one right now 😀