Link Building Plan for Startups

Link building is the part of the internet marketing that lasts forever. That is if you want to keep ranking among the top search results in Google for a certain keyword. You really need to create and build links, both do follow and no follow in order to get to the top positions. After you’ve gotten there it’s very important that you keep that position and you will be able to do that only by building more links everyday.

The method that I will describe below is the proper way to build quality links and rank high on the search engines and it is the way I and many others have used to accomplish this goal.

Creating Articles in Article Directories

This is a well known way to create links back to your site but many people do the mistake of putting the link anywhere in the text. Most article submission sites will ask you to put the link somewhere in the bottom of the page but that’s nothing to be worried about because it’s still good as long as they let you use anchor text. The mistake most people do is not putting the link under the correct anchor text (the correct anchor text would be your keyword). If you don’t put the link like this you will still have a backlink but it won’t be as good as the one with the proper anchor text.

There are many article directories out there that will let you post your content but the trick is to pick the ones that are more popular and has a higher page rank like EzineArticles, Squidoo, eHow, HubPages. If you need any more article directories to submit your articles you can check out this list with article directories right here.

Once you get these articles up and running it will take some time before Google indexes them and then the link will take effect. But your job with the article directories isn’t done here. You need to have a few links linking to those articles in order get the most out of the link from that article. So once you create the article, post it to the social networks and build a few links toward that article also because it really helps with the SEO on your site in the long run.

Forum Posting/Blog Commenting

These links are not so strong but they do help with SEO and allow you to open the interaction with community. It is also important to have links from high PR forums and blogs so the best way to gain links from high PR forums would be to search for a forum that allows you to put a link in your signature and post a few comments on certain topics. Remember not to link back only to your blog post or website but to the articles you previously created.

Blog commenting on the other side is a bit easier. All you have to do is look for some blogs also with high page rank on Google blog search for you keyword. It’s much easier to find blogs then it is to find forums but the tricky part with the blogs is that you have to comment and wait for approval from the admin. There are blogs that have auto approval of comments but those are really rare and most of them don’t have high PR. When you are commenting on a blog try not to make it obvious that you are just commenting for the link.

Try reading the actual post on the site and express your thoughts on it in the comment section. Put your keyword under Name tag and the link to your post under Website tag. If you can’t do this or you think it would appear as a spam then put the link inside the comment with the right anchor text. Again remember not to link only back to your post but to the articles you have submitted to the article directories also. A list of high page rank forums and blogs is available here.

Social Networks Backlinks

There is a myth among the Internet Marketers that the links from the social networks doesn’t count at all because they are no follow links. That isn’t true at all. They do count, maybe not as much as the links that are do follow but they certainly help you rank higher on the search engines. Whenever you have a new post/article submit it to as many social networks as you can or use a service that is able to do that automatically. There is a good service I came across recently that helps you with this and it’s called SocialMonkee. It’s free to join and try out so you have nothing to lose.

Guest Article Posting

This is the best way yet to get quality backlinks. While you are searching for blogs to leave comments also try to contact the owner asking if you can write a guest post on his blog in exchange for a link back to your site. If the blog has high page rank then the link you get from that blog will be much better then the link you would’ve got from the comment. Make sure that the message you send asking to write a guest post is really well written. You can even try searching for a message template for guest posting if you are not sure how it should look like.

Creating a few similar blogs

Using Posterous you can post on your blogs simultaneously. It allows you to post on tumblr, blogger, wordpress and many more with just one click of a button. Create a free account on these blogging services and open your free blog. Connect them to posterous and post the same post on all those blogs leaving a backlink to your original post on your main site. Again use the keyword as your anchor text and post the articles you wrote to the social networks so they get some exposure to get indexed quicker.

I know I’ve said this over and over again in the text above but it is really important that you don’t forget to do this since many young and inexperienced people who want to start internet marketing are doing the mistake of linking only to their own post and not the articles they’ve created. It’s really crucial that you you create at least a few backlinks to the other articles you have in order to gain popularity there too which will help by making the link you get from that article much stronger and reliable.

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