SEO Survival tips for 2012

SEO is an essential part in every online business. Ranking high for relevant keywords related to your website is very important because that will bring you visitors. But as it is in every other business, you want to stay one step ahead all the time and try to anticipate the future which right now would be related to the changes in SEO and the survival of the same in 2012.

Branding:Be Different

Rumor has it that standing out with your content and being different will have a huge impact on the SEO in 2012. The pointer I can give you here is obvious. Try to be original. Do not copy any content from your website or other websites and present your own thoughts on the subject or topic that you have chosen.

Local Search Marketing

This is the example local search results for Attorneys in NYC

It is not a secret that Google shares as much as 70% of the search market, which hypothetically means that 70% of your customers come from Google. It also means that anything that helps you come at the top of the Google SERP is worth your time and investment. Google Places and Google Maps are two such things.

With Google Places and you don’t even need a website to promote your services. All you need to do is to add your business details, photos, and coupon to set the show. This is how the Internet is Changing Advertising and marketing techniques. Read More on Local Search Marketing.

Get Active on Social Networking Sites

The social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ will have a huge impact on you page’s SEO and the ranking of your site. These social networks are growing so much day by day that there is almost no one that haven’t created their own profile on one of these services some even use all of them. So try to create a circle of friends which will re-share the content you share with them because that way you will get much more exposure and a lot of links which will be taken into consideration much more in 2012.

Regular posting: Content is the King

This is not something that is new. Updating your blog with unique contenthas always been a good way to drive more traffic to your site and now it will play a part in the SEO as well. And it really makes good sense. Regularly updated website is a relevant website which deserves attention from the search engines.

Adding videos

Adding videos to your posts of infield footage of your own work or something similar will be taken into consideration by Google in 2012. The content and your whole website will have much more authority if you add videos supporting the text that you are trying to present and rank for. Since lately people appreciate videos much more then they do texts and articles. It’s much easier for them to listen what you have to say then read a huge article with 1000+ words. That’s why Google is giving priority to the posts and articles that include videos.

Add multimedia

High quality pictures and multimedia among your content will also help you with your SEO work. Don’t insert just one picture, try to make it more colorful so that it breaks the tension of only reading text. The reason why google has taken this into consideration is because most readers today want to have a bunch of pictures to look at while they are reading otherwise it’s too monotonous for them and they might get bored. Try to add images to every single post you write on your blog as well as videos. It will help you rank much higher for the keyword you are targeting and it will brighten up your blog or website.

What to avoid in 2012?

Avoid duplicating content and article spinners because the PANDA algorithm of Google has been updated and it will track down the duplicate content that backlinks to your website and you might get into the sandbox. Stop wasting money on low quality backlinks and services that offer to put a lot of live links because if there is a sudden change in your incoming backlinks and it’s suspicious for google you will end up in the sandbox again, besides those links are not really worth much, for 2012 the links from the social networks will be taken into consideration much more then the payed links that many backlink building companies offer.

Backlinking in general won’t be as important as it once were. Avoid using black hat techniques for SEO because they won’t be worth it anymore in 2012. Stop maintaining them if you have a monthly subscription of some sort. You don’t have to use the exact match anchor text anymore because google wants the comments on blogs and forums to appear more natural, so if you get 1000 links with the exact anchor text google will know something is up and it will be very suspicious and might get you in trouble or lower your page rank which is never good.


  • Establish your brand, be different!
  • Improve your presence in local search
  • Add videos related to your posts
  • Be active on the social networks, make connections and share your content
  • Post regularly on your blog
  • Add more multimedia to your blog
  • Post unique content on your blog, not duplicates of any kind
  • Create quality backlinks from high PR sites using unique content
  • Avoid using blackhat methods for SEO
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