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How a Brochure Can Help You Increase Your Market Share

The question posed in the title of this article is incomplete. The question rather should be “how a well-designed brochure can help you increase your market share”.  I had used the other title because of the space limitation, but the essence of that is the same as that of the title written in the first sentence.

A brochure, indeed, has a great marketing potential, but not all brochures can help you leverage that. For a brochure to be successful in helping you build base among people, it needs to have the following things.

  1. It should to be creative.
  2. It needs to be intuitively designed to tell the target audience what category, if not exactly the product or brand, it represents.
  3. The copy of a brochure should talk friendly with the reader, so that reader could start trusting it, and the company behind it.

For  a brochure to stand out as a unit, every element of a brochure design — lines, typefaces, photographs, color, tones, words, etc.,  — should be chosen with much deliberation. Elements that convey the meaning you intend should be chosen for it.

How it could be created?

Before we talk about how a beautiful brochure should be created, let us spare a minute or two, and look at the ultimate goal of a brochure. So what is the goal of a brochure?

  1. One of the goals of a brochure is to communicate, effectively and clearly about the benefits of products and/or services the company has to offer, and how they will help customers solve their problems.
  2. Second goal of a brochure is to build credibility. Print has lots of credibility in people’s mind. They feel that only a respected company that works in the realm of ethics and righteousness will endeavor to create a brochure.

Now, we know what the goal of a brochure is, and we also know what a brochure needs to have to become useful for a marketing department; this is time to see how to design a brochure that makes home in the hearts and minds of people reading it.

Designing a heart-and-mind winning brochure

Step 1: Like any other marketing material, designing a brochure starts with defining the target audience in terms of its demographic, psychographic, and behavioral factors.

Step 2: Ascertain their communication needs, which may be different from their “solution need”.

Step 3: What one thing that you want your customers to think about you.

Step 4: Based on the things you have found, decide which tone of voice you want to employ for the delivery of a message. You may need to conduct some research to find the tone of voice that appeal to your target audience. At this point you must keep in mind that the tone of voice of your brochure will also set a mood for it, so be careful in deciding what tone of voice you will choose. A wrong choice may backfire.

Step 5: For execution, hire a specialized brochure designing company. They will put all the abstract ideas and merge them to give a concrete and likable shape.

Why you should not design your brochure yourself?

For three reasons, designing your own brochure will not be that good an idea.

  1. By doing that you will be spreading your resources too thin, which else could be spent in creating value for your customers, for which your customers come to you.
  2. As design is not the primary thing you do, chances are you have not exposed yourself to the best practices of brochure designs that are known to the specialized agency.
  3. A design agency is better placed to do this work because this is their job, so they keep themselves abreast of every new thing, best practices, design tool and techniques, etc., that make a brochure stand out.

How to choose a design agency

Not all design agencies are equal, and selecting wrong design agency will be as risky for your business as having no brochure at all. You must run a design agency through a battery of litmus test before assigning this work to it.

3 traits of the best brochure design agency

  1. The best of the lot (read design agencies) does not only know what it does, but it also ventures out to know nuances of your business, so that it can create a killer brochure or any other stationary design that conveys the message you want to convey.
  2. It remains up-to-date with all the changes in the design industry, and it will reflect in their talks and in the portfolio they show you.
  3. It has a team of high-quality specialists, who know they business right to the alphabet z. This also reflects in their portfolio, in their layouts, color selections, design elements, and copy.

The brochure that you will get at the end of this exercise will deliver the result that you want a brochure to deliver. Get a well-designed and well-written brochure, and then only you will know the real power of this marketing tool that you have been holding in your arsenal for long time.

Why should you choose a Professional Brochure Designer?

Exclusice Brochure Design Services for Small Business

An effective brochure design is a company’s eternal asset. It’s that one time investment which reaps its benefits lifelong. A good brochure requires professional touch, relevant experience, industry knowledge, and specialized skill. Only professional brochure designing agencies or freelance brochure designer can do justice to a brochure. A professional brochure speaks of the company. There are several reasons for choosing a professional brochure designer, as discussed below.

Competence and Expertise

To stand out in the clutter one Read more

Tips for Brochure Designing

Tips for Brochure Designing

An effective brochure is reflection of a company and an important marketing tool. It’s a single time investment, which has deep rooted impact. A good, professionally made brochure builds company’s image, generates credibility, reliability and favorable attitude.

Brochure designing starts with conceptualization of idea, followed by designing and development of brochure. A good brochure is a compilation of attractive design, interesting concept, great color scheme and layout, great content. Consider the following points before designing a Read more

Killer Brochure Design – 3 elements that Often Gets Ignored

Exclusice Brochure Design Services for Small Business

When we think of a brochure, we think of a layout, color scheme, graphic element, and the text that go into it. This is how we are programmed to think. But there are three more vital elements that we often ignore when thinking of a brochure design.

No matter how great the copy of a brochure is, and how killer the design and layout of the brochure is; miss any of these points and you will brochure Read more

10 Advertising and Marketing Tasks a VA Can Do for You

Over the years the role of a virtual assistant (VA) has undergone tremendous change. From being an administrative support person to its new role as a right-hand man of any business person, role of a virtual assistant has shifted a lot in recent years.

Now a VA is not only useful in handling back office non-creative works, but it can also help you complete a whole range of complicated tasks. Among many other things (which we will cover in the subsequent articles) a VA also helps you complete complicated marketing and advertisement works, which otherwise not only consume more money, but also drains your energy, which otherwise could be used to create value for your customers.

How can a VA help you in marketing?

Brand identity development

Brand identity is as integral to the success of a business, as is the sugar to make the cake sweet. And like sugar in the sweet, to make a brand identity stand out in the crowd of faceless me-too brands, there should be a right balance of each element. A VA with marketing experience knows about the minutest detail of every element that goes into making a brand identity stand out. And he uses this knowledge to construct a brand identity for you.

Advertising concept

A VA can also help you crack a jaw-dropping advertising concept that conveys the brand message effortlessly to the end user provided your VA has an experience of doing so. For advertising concepts, you do not need to depend on your permanent staff just like you do not need to depend on them for administrative support. It is a creative work, and anyone sitting anywhere in the world can do it.

But, how will you judge the quality of the work?

Well, do I seriously need to tell you this?

Hire any one of our Advertising Graphic Designer VA and judge yourself, he will deliver quality work and match your expectations.

Advertising campaign creation

Like cracking advertising concepts, advertising campaign creation can also be performed by anyone sitting even on the other side of the globe. Then why you need someone in your backyard doing that for you?
Do you believe that location has a lot to do with the creativity? I do not think you believe this. A VA with solid experience could be of help even in creating advertising campaigns for you.

Banner ad creative

Creating banner ads that attract visitors is an art — I know it’s a science as well, but art is what makes it memorable and clickable. The person who creates banner has to be creative, if you want people flock to your website following that. A VA with some online marketing experience can help you design a good banner ad as well, or at least he could work as a liaison between you and those who will design killer banner ads for you.

Print ad creative

Creating a print ad is a specialized work. It takes years of hard work to understand what works and what does not in a print advertisement. Print ad creative is different from the creative we use for an online banner ad, and the mindset that creates one memorable print ad is different from the mindset that helps in creating an online banner advertisement.

Nowadays, virtual assistants also have experience of handling such works for their clients. If you have not delegated your print ad works to your VA then do it now. You will have o regret except one that why did not you do it before.

Learn more on everything else a advertising and print media VA can help you to grow your business.

Graphic design services

Companies of all sizes require graphic design services for one purpose or another. A company, no matter how small it is, cannot survive without availing the services of a graphic designing firm. A VA knows that and that is why he keeps himself armed with this necessary skill.

He can come handy in times when you need to get a logo designed, or need stationary designs, advertising materials, posters, business cards, packaging designs, postcards, flyers, leaflets, marketing banner design, raster to vector, tri-fold brochure designs, and other Graphic Designs for Print or web.

A VA with experience in helping clients perform the marketing task knows about this as well. So talk to a VA now and ask him to do this work as well.

Pay per click (PPC) ads

A pay per click ad is an integral part of online marketing. None of the online marketing plan in complete without an inclusion of PPC campaign. Do not get mislead by the simplicity of looks and feel of a PPC advertisement. It is a specialized task, which needs years of training before one can perform it without any hassle, whatsoever. A VA with a search marketing background has a working knowledge of creating, releasing, and monitoring a PPC ad.

Do not try your hand at PPC, if you are not a seasoned professional in this! It is too easy to lose a fortune in this. Just one wrong move and you can lose all your savings in one single day running PPC campaign.

Content marketing

Content is the life blood of the Internet, and the company that does not employ this method is leaving a giant source of traffic and backlinks untapped. There are very few things on the Internet that gets you credibility of an expert as is the articles that you post on other websites.

A VA with online marketing experience knows that, and he will help you build a network of good quality articles on the Internet that will get tons and tons of traffic for you. And you will also get established as an expert in your niche, sheer by the power of your expanding web presence. Thanks to the content marketing.

Social media profiling

Browsing the Internet is no longer a lonely journey through the dense water of knowledge and information littered on the web. It is more like a community affair where your customers hang out, shares, talks, and influence behavior of their friends and family. A web presence in that situation becomes necessary.

A VA who has even a 6 month experience of online marketing can tell you that, but it requires a VA with years of online marketing experience to craft a social media profile that pulls, retains, and make your customers talk with you and among themselves in your gracious presence. Just any profile will not do. You need a social media presence that helps you engage your visitors.

Marketing plan

Every marketing activity begins with a marketing plan. We all know about this, don’t we? You need a great marketing plan to make your product a hit. A poor marketing plan will push even the best product towards its early demise. You should not entrust anyone with this, as success and failure of your enterprise will depend largely upon this. You should give this work to a VA who has years of experience of handling marketing activity of a company. He can only do justice to this work.

These are some of the tasks that a VA performs for you. Instead of hiring a regular staff to do this work, you should delegate it to your virtual assistant. This will save a lot of money for you, which you can use to inject more value in your offering, which in turn will fetch more people towards you.

But before giving this work to a virtual assistant, ask yourself if he or she is qualified enough to do this work? You must see their samples from their past work before assigning this work to him.

Why Your Business Need a Unique Brochure Design?

This is the most common questions asked by clients, at least I have experienced it with my clients, particularly when the client is tight on budget. Clients find it hard to understand how does one brochure differs from another in any meaningful way, and as a designer it is your job to explain him why your client needs a personalized uniquely designed brochure.

But, you have to explain it not as a designer, but as a marketing guy in his team who understands what his company needs, and what is best for him. A combination of marketing and graphic design skills is a perfect booster for your brand and business. Please also read my earlier post on 10 Ways a Designer Can Help You Prepare Your Communication Plan.

Brand touch-point

A company needs a custom-designed brochure because it is one of the most important brand touchpoint, and this touchpoint should also give the same experience to the recipient that other touchpoints like advertisements, letter heads, business cards, logo, etc., give. A unique brochure maintains the integrity of the brand.

Unique identity

You and your client should understand the importance of having unique identity for your product, or else it will sink down in to the oblivion in the deep ocean of commodity. And to create a unique identity, you need to streamline all the brand communication channels and form a unique brand ecosystem. Brochure is an integral part of that brand eco system, and a standardized brochure will from a big hole in the ecosystem through which all the brand message will leak out, and your brand’s identity will be lost to.

To break the monotony

How good a car would have looked if every car had been red? This is not just an aesthetic problem, but it is a “registering” problem as well. If everything looks similar then people stops noticing it, and that is why you need a unique brochure for your business. It will help you break the monotony, and make the people register your presence. A well-designed brochure creates a sense of admiration for you, which converts into higher conversion rate.

A brochure works as an elevator pitch

If we take a cue from the business itself then a brochure is equivalent to an elevator pitch, and what will be the result of the pitch will depend on how impressive the pitch was. In many situations, a brochure is the first contact point between your company and your customer, and even a fool will suggest you to have a good first impression, as a lot of things depend on that. And it cannot be achieved with an average-looking brochure.

Bottom-line: A brochure is a very important marketing document that will help you win many sales battles, and as in any battle, the winning percentage will depend on the sharpness of your weapon, in this case uniqueness of design and presentation of your brochure.

PS: If you are looking to Hire an Print Media Marketing and Advertising Graphic Designer, contact me today, I will provide you a top notch graphic designer for all your assignments.