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SEO and WordPress: How to optimize your WordPress blog

Previously I discussed “understanding how blogging works” and “Market your bog”. We all know that the WordPress blogs are by default search engine friendly, but there are certain things that we need to take care of, if we aspire to rank higher in the search

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Market Your Blog Like a Professional

“You got a nice looking blog.” “Great!” “You got all the important plug-in installed.” “Hmmm…impressive!” “Your content raises the quality bar for niche.” “Wonderful!” “What? Hardly anyone comes around to read it? Oh boy…!” Do not mistake the above conversation for a conversation between an

What Everybody Needs to Know about Blogging?

The concept that started its journey as a humble online journal turned out to become a force to reckon with at the turn of the century. The growth didn’t stopped there; rather it has multiplied over the year with a factor of n. The growth

The Lazy Man's Guide to Finding a Perfect Niche

Let’s being this article with defining niche, what does it mean? If you have spent a considerable amount of time on the Internet, you must have heard this term more than you have heard you name. “A niche is a subset of a subset of

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13 Steps to Successful Blogging

Blogs can be a really in demand and really fruitful tool if utilized correctly. Benefiting from blogs is precisely a matter of catching the attention of a readers and not executing any real salesmen marketing. In this article you’ll find out the thirteen most important

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12 Reasons Why You Need A Blog

“Why Should I Use Blogs? I simply do not understand it” This post on a discussion board makes me think – and I got 12 reasons though I am the laziest person alive. #1 – You don’t require To Know HTML Among the most common