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Small businesses worried about hidden cost of outsourcing.

Whenever a large amount of money is involved or jobs of large number of people are going to be affected there is hue and cry over hidden costs and unwritten obligations. The same thing is happening in outsourcing business. Vested interests in America and Europe

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Educational Outsourcing – A bane or a boon

What do students from Britain, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the United States have in common? No, it’s not McDonalds! Rather, it is their propensity on getting hired help for their assignments done on time. It is not a good learning exercise, and often it

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Outsourcing Services to india, A cause for worry?

There is a cause for concern fast emerging among clients outsourcing services to India. Members of their virtual team in India get younger by the day; in fact, youth has infiltrated even the middle-level management. Perceived inexperience which could tantamount to lack of leadership acumen,