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Staying Clear of Fraudulent Companies

Prevention is the Best Course of Action If you are planning on outsourcing some of your business, you will need to take special measures to ensure that you don’t outsource to fraudulent companies. The very nature of outsourcing may make it difficult to determine the

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Content Theft is Rampant in India

[ The purpose of this post is to spread brand awareness and highlight deceptive strategies adopted by few companies who don’t have any creativity. Few people are tarnishing the image of country known for great achievers. Indian companies are well known for their quality work,

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Outsourcing and International Copyright Laws

More people are choosing to outsource their company’s work today, then ever before. With India comprising more than 80% of the total global outsourcing field, understanding international copyright laws is critical. It is also imperative that you make certain that the outsourcing company that you