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How to Get a Cutting-Edge Web 2.0 Website for a Steal

There are two kinds of people who build websites. One who builds a website to impress one’s spouse or parents or whoever, and another who builds website for more meaningful purpose than this. This article is for those who want more from their website than

CSSFOX Blue theme for WordPress 2.3

CSSFOX Blue is an enhanced version of my earlier theme. It uses different CSS and structure to meet the requirements of WordPress 2.3. There are several themes are due to be released based on CSSFOX theme framework, just wait couple of days once we test

CSSFOX – WordPress Theme Framework Released

I am pleased to release CSSFOX, My latest theme framework and CSS Themes for public use. I have delayed the launch of CSSFOX as I was anxiously awaited WordPress 2.30 to comeup. Since WP 2.3 is scheduled to release today, I decided to release the