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Modern Marketing Analytic Tools That Put You In Driver’s Seat for 2017

In reality, only a few marketers are in-charge of the countless parameters and almost limitless data needed to properly manage your online campaigns and marketing strategies. Many times, marketing information and data are difficult to get, technical to analyse and even more hard to quantify

The Amazing Powers of Data Science

From social interactions, business discourses, registration for training, comments on posts, visits to blogs, gossips and jokes, products purchases or just click to take a look and many other activities, the digital world is one of the busiest platforms in the business world. The digital

Cloud-Based Big Data Analytics

Transforming Big Data Analytics Today Data is a strategic asset to any firm. Companies, small, medium and large are currently busy gathering massive amount of information, from all potential sources about their products and customer behaviors. However,only a few firms can collect and use this

Speed Up Your Data Analytics

[Main Reasons Why Data Analytic is the Way to Go] Analytic have changed how people run their businesses because decisions are based on facts as opposed to the trial and error approach. It’s now simpler to know your current and potential customers and how they