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India: Gateway to Web Development Supremacy

Be seen. Be counted. These are two dominant forces in marketing: products or services should be found by their niche market, and they should be available whenever and wherever they are needed. The internet has provided a perfect place for every product or service to

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A Synergized Approach to current business demands: OUTSOURCE

Synergy is defined as merging of efforts bringing outcomes greater than the expected results, had the job been done by individual proficiency or capabilities. Today, most business underscore the importance of coalescing their functions and services with a third party, whether a person, a group

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Trauma called high transition time, which is a real money drainer.

Hiring cheap vendors are not always a cheap preposition. It may take longer time than expected and outsourcer drain out his/her money in bridging the gap between the cultural differences. Transition period plays an important role while selecting a vendor for your outsourcing needs. According