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3 SEO Myths You Should Not Subscribe to

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a secretive art; at least it appears to be, if you are not among those who practice this craft. If you do not believe me then talk to any SEO guy, and everything they will say will go over your

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How to Successfully Implement Your Marketing Plan

Making a marketing plan is slightly technical-it is a well-balanced mixture of both creative idea and hard data, but implementing it is a different story. You need to be tactful to successfully implement the marketing plan, and in this you will need help of your

5 Must-Have Google Tools for Online Marketers

Introduction As an online marketer we understand how important Google is for our survival. We need to optimize (SEO) our websites with Google in mind, and we even buy prominent keywords from Google (Google AdWords Keywords) as part of our search marketing (SEM) campaign. There

Are You Falling Prey to These Sales Monsters

The Sales department of any company is the only department that generates revenue for the company. Rest of the departments incurs cost, in one form or another. And what if the sales department and sales personnel start showing signs of ageing, that is to say,

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Market Your Blog Like a Professional

“You got a nice looking blog.” “Great!” “You got all the important plug-in installed.” “Hmmm…impressive!” “Your content raises the quality bar for niche.” “Wonderful!” “What? Hardly anyone comes around to read it? Oh boy…!” Do not mistake the above conversation for a conversation between an