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How to Overcome the Quality Barrier When Outsourcing to India

In the previous article titled Barriers of Outsourcing to India, we discussed about the problems you may face when outsourcing your work to India. I can sense that the discussion must have deterred many of our prospective readers from outsourcing their works to India. If

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Barriers of Outsourcing to India

India has become an outsourcing hub of the world, thanks to its huge pool of English speaking (or say English reading, to be more precise) population. The quality of the work delivered by the Indian individuals in the outsourcing industry is far better than the

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PayPal India Debacle: How a Friend Became a Foe

It was 8 am when I wake up. A gentle gush of wind came filtering in through a half-open window, and with it came flickering sunlight of cool February morning. I woke up. Stretched my limbs, and went ahead to grab today’s newspaper instinctively moving