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Virtual Assistant For Startup Business-Why You Need One

There are so many factors to be considered when you are starting up your business.  The most important of these factors is the cost of setting up.  This explains why most business owners are looking for means to cut cost and yet not reduce the

Creative SEO – Don’t Play by Rules. Rules Are Fluid

Follow what you mamma says and you will be a good boy. This piece of advice sounds so cool and so sound. It appears that following your mamma’s words will make you sail through the words. This might be true for a 5-year old, but

Common Marketing Challenges and Mistakes that Start ups Face

The success or failure of any startup business is by a large extent determined by not only the quality of the products or services, but also the intensity and effectiveness of the marketing campaign. Some companies fail merely for failing to considerably choose the niche

How to Find the Right Angel Investor for Your Business

Just because they are called “angels” doesn’t mean that they gladly dish out money to any entrepreneur who drops by with a proposal. In fact, angel investors are not easy to come by and even if you find them, it is equally easier said than