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Google Announces Google Shopping and the End of Free Traffic

For more than a decade, eCommerce websites have been thriving on the quality of free traffic sent by Google Product search, but recently Google has decided against serving free lunch to the eCommerce website, and turned its product search engine, Google Product Search, into a

7 Ways Internet Marketers Can Stay Focused and Succeed

Does the lack of focus prevent you from achieving success in your online business? This may surprise you, but anyone can succeed in online business as long as they have strong focus. Here are 7 ways internet marketers can stay focused and succeed: 1. Have

How should SME measure the success of organic SEO efforts

To answer that question one must first ask: what is SEO success? What is the success in ranking #1 for a keyword that doesn’t bring any traffic? Or ranking #100 for a keyword that could bring thousands of visitors per day? Both traffic and SERP

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How to Secure Venture Capital for your Dream Project

One of the blessings of the modern time is the availability of venture fund to start a business or to upgrade your business. It has led to the growth of knowledge economy. Thanks for venture fund, now all you need is a sound idea to