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Outsourcing Services to india, A cause for worry?

There is a cause for concern fast emerging among clients outsourcing services to India. Members of their virtual team in India get younger by the day; in fact, youth has infiltrated even the middle-level management. Perceived inexperience which could tantamount to lack of leadership acumen,

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Ten (10) Outsourcing Fears and Steps to Ward Them Off

Outsourcing your non-core operations to a service provider has ceased to become a prerogative. Almost everyone is doing it even the top Fortune 500 companies. Definitely, outsourcing has become another option for business viability and survival. Apart from lowered cost and enhanced quality of work,

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Cut To Chase – Criteria in choosing an Outsourcing Service Provider.

Outsource service providers or outsource solutions providers, as they are called interchangeably, but still mean the same thing, have mushroomed through the years. Today, the outsourcing industry has become very lucrative. Every internet savvy individual who has the resources puts up an outsourcing company. Bane