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The Amazing Powers of Data Science

From social interactions, business discourses, registration for training, comments on posts, visits to blogs, gossips and jokes, products purchases or just click to take a look and many other activities, the digital world is one of the busiest platforms in the business world. The digital


Google is wooing India by launching cool products for kids, women, business makers and all others. It has a clear intention getting more non-internet users online and making it easy for them to surf and download at more convenient rates. Google know well offline marketing

IOT - Internet of Things

How Internet of Things Is Shaping How Things Are Done in The World

Automation is the new buzz word in town; everyone is trying to automate operations and change how things are done across the globe. Internet of Things, abbreviate IoT involves connecting your devices to applications and machines for enhanced efficiency. How is this even possible? The

Back to Work!

The Cancer Shock It has been a while ever since I last posted on this blog. I have received numerous emails and telephone calls from my happy clients and friends wondering where I disappeared to. To those who managed to get in touch during my

Renal Cell Carcinoma: All You Need to Know and How I Defeated It

  Background Renal cell carcinoma (RCC) is known by an assortment of other names such as renal/kidney cancer, renal adenocarcinoma and hypernephroma (most of these names I had never heard of before). According to research, it is currently the most common type of kidney cancer

Kim Lowenthal — Forever in Our Hearts

Death can be cruel and they say, it is the worst reaper as it cannot tell the ripe from the unripe. It is with deep sorrow that I mourn the death of one of my best clients and long-time friend, Kim Lowenthal, who passed on