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5 important SEO factors that you should focus on

SEO has been an important part of the online world ever since the first search engines started appearing. Figuring out that they could do some quick fixes to their sites and bring much more traffic by being featured on the first page of a search,

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Create a Successful PPC Campaign in Easy Steps

Theoretically, Pay per Click (PPC) advertisement has leveled the playing field for small businesses, but when they try to play with it they burn their hands, mainly because they do not have a team of PPC superstars who optimize a PPC campaign for them. But

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How External Factors and Your Website Promotion Drives Up Bounce Rate

As we discussed earlier, factors contributing to bounce rate can be divided into three broad categories, of which we discuss one in the last article. Taking our discussion forward, from where we left in the last article titled, “How External Factors and Your Website Promotion

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Is High Bounce Rate Giving You Headache? Learn How to Lower It

High bounce rate gives pain in the neck. Marketers often find themselves grappling with the bounce rate only to find their energy depleted in the process without having a significant impact on the bounce rate. This is mainly because a marketer, despite using all his

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How to Choose a Right Keyword for Your SEO or PPC Campaign?

All words and phrases (keywords) searched by a user to access content are valuable, but some are more valuable than others. Some keyword phrases are more lucrative while others get no searchers. We all know that, but are we all on the same track when

SEO for E-Commerce Websites

Have you ever wondered how eBays and Amazons of the world got the first page ranking in major search engines for many products they sell? Well, sometimes they buy keywords, but most of the time, it is search engine optimization (SEO) that do the trick.