How To Use WordPress And Do Almost Everything That HubSpot Can Do


HubSpot, indeed, is a useful marketing automation software package that helps a business establish and strengthen its online presence and generate leads and convert leads into customers. But it costs a good deal of money to make use of this software for your business. I understand that not everyone has extra cash to invest in a marketing automation software package like HubSpot, which does not come cheap, by any standard. And in fact you do not Read more

Top 3 Marketing Automation Software To Make Your Life Easy


In a day or age when speed and accuracy of delivery are what define the success or failure of any company, all marketing activities cannot be left in the realm of manual work, which is not only time consuming, it is also ineffective. Manual work can only take you so far. Hence it becomes pertinent that a business looks forward to adopting some form of marketing automation.

Fortunately, there are a good many high-quality marketing automation software Read more

How to Find the Right Angel Investor for Your Business


Just because they are called “angels” doesn’t mean that they gladly dish out money to any entrepreneur who drops by with a proposal. In fact, angel investors are not easy to come by and even if you find them, it is equally easier said than done to convince them to invest in your start-up. They are just like other investors who cannot risk suffering losses on their investments only that they are courageous enough to trust in Read more

Google Announces Google Shopping and the End of Free Traffic

Google Shopping

For more than a decade, eCommerce websites have been thriving on the quality of free traffic sent by Google Product search, but recently Google has decided against serving free lunch to the eCommerce website, and turned its product search engine, Google Product Search, into a full-scale product comparison website Google Shopping, and with it the search giant has decided to do away with free listing of products in newly christened Google Shopping. The transition from free Read more

Advanced SEO Tips for E-Commerce Websites

Growth of E-commerce in US (Forrester Research)

Optimizing online store for better search engine visibility is a daunting task. Unlike traditional websites, online stores are primarily product led, so it becomes a little tricky to optimize such websites. But once you know the trick, optimizing your E-Commerce website becomes a breeze. In this article, I am going to talk about some advance SEO tips that you can use to give your e-commerce website a solid push which will bring the website on the front Read more

Hit By Penguin? Here are the Recovery Tips


Google, or whoever is doing it, is funny in naming its search algorithm updates after benign-looking animals like Panda and Penguin. The search giant has given such associations to these words that the mere mention of them pushes the sweat down the marketers’ spine, and rush them to undo their past mistakes.

When Google Penguin Update came along, it Read more