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3 Unbreakable Laws of Blogging

Many people start blogging with a big hope, but a lot of them fail to convert that hope into real excitement. And a lot many say quit, just after a couple of months of blogging. I have personally witness the sad exist of many talented

4 Ways to Increase Your Blog’s Readership

It is a dream of every blogger to get thousands and thousands of people reading his or her blog, but not everyone gets that kind of visitors. A large majority of blogs do not pass even the “100 readers a day” mark. If I am

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5 Ways to Know What Your Visitors Wants from Your Blog

Why some blogs get tons of traffic and hundreds of comments, while other gets none? Why some blogs make loads of money, whereas, other counts penny? The difference between blogging success and failure is insight, insight into the life of your visitors, into their liking

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WordPress Plugins – 10 useful plugins of 2009

Blogger is there, Movable Type is there, b2evolution is there, Livejournal, Joomla!, and Drupal is there, but nothing compares to the power of WordPress. This is by far the best blogging platform in the market. It is the free plugins and themes that make WordPress

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Market Your Blog Like a Professional

“You got a nice looking blog.” “Great!” “You got all the important plug-in installed.” “Hmmm…impressive!” “Your content raises the quality bar for niche.” “Wonderful!” “What? Hardly anyone comes around to read it? Oh boy…!” Do not mistake the above conversation for a conversation between an