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Stitching Content Leads to Bad Quality Content, Says Cutts

Matt Cutts Google’s head of search spam, recently posted a video. It was based on “stitching content.” What is stitching content? The term is defined as the practice of taking snippets of content from different websites and pasting them on one’s own site, with citations.

Anglo Rank is Google’s New Target!

Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam, recently confirmed about Anglo Rank being the new target of Google on Twitter. According to Cutts, Google has targeted another “private link network” named Anglo Rank. In a direct message, Matt’s tweeted, “There are absolutely NO footprints linking

Hit By Penguin? Here are the Recovery Tips

Google, or whoever is doing it, is funny in naming its search algorithm updates after benign-looking animals like Panda and Penguin. The search giant has given such associations to these words that the mere mention of them pushes the sweat down the marketers’ spine, and

Penguin Joins the Party, Panda Got a Friend

Picture courtesy Lady Drusilla Website owners have hardly began to recover from the Panda attack and Google have dropped another bomb, and like any other attack many innocent people got affected by the recent attacks, which presumably was dropped in the bad neighborhood of the

Are Content and Design the Future of Web?

“The days of ugly-looking websites are numbered…” “The websites with bad content has come to end of the burning rope…” …Or so they would say…. But, before you take sides, pull your guns out and jump to any conclusion, I will ask you to step