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How should SME measure the success of organic SEO efforts

To answer that question one must first ask: what is SEO success? What is the success in ranking #1 for a keyword that doesn’t bring any traffic? Or ranking #100 for a keyword that could bring thousands of visitors per day? Both traffic and SERP

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SEO for Bing – Simple SEO Tweaks to Rank Higher in Bing

Google is the king of search industry. There is no doubt about it, but still not everyone uses Google. In fact, only around 60 percent of people use Google to search (ComScore Data), and rest of them uses other search engines. Bing and Yahoo (which

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10 SEO Task a Virtual Assistant Can Perform For You

For a business to succeed, a pool of highly qualified employees is required, regardless of the size and nature of a business. Gone are the days when the highly qualified individuals were not available for small businesses because of the small businesses’ inability to pay