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Penguin Joins the Party, Panda Got a Friend

Picture courtesy Lady Drusilla Website owners have hardly began to recover from the Panda attack and Google have dropped another bomb, and like any other attack many innocent people got affected by the recent attacks, which presumably was dropped in the bad neighborhood of the

Are Content and Design the Future of Web?

“The days of ugly-looking websites are numbered…” “The websites with bad content has come to end of the burning rope…” …Or so they would say…. But, before you take sides, pull your guns out and jump to any conclusion, I will ask you to step

Link Networks Busted – What Future Holds For SEO

If you have received a mail from Google saying that you have been hanging around with wrong set of people so you should better watch your steps then you are among those webmasters whose attempt to artificially boost your Google ranking has been cracked down

Getting Found on Phone – Fundamentals of Mobile SEO

Mobile has done to computer what computer did to other technology – we cannot say to calculator because a computer is much more than a computing device that its name proposes. We cannot also say to television or to print because it is much more