Fully Customized & Flexible Solution

With us you get complete control over your Virtual Assistant / VA Team. We offer flexibility, Transparency & customized solution as per need and requirements of our customers & partners. Let us know your preferred engagement  model to get a custom proposal. For our better understanding we created process infographics listed below: 

Pay as you go VA  – Hiring Dedicated VA


Fixed Price Hiring Model

Project Based Sourcing (Fixed Price)

(Suitable for projects where the requirements, scope of work and deliverable are clearly defined)

Project Base Solutions

Hiring a Qualified Virtual Assistant is easy with us. Simply send us your requirements and our project coordinator do the rest for you. After approval from you we assign task to our in-house team of professional VA or as per your requirement find a Experienced VA from our database of Freelancer & Working Professionals. We regularly keep an eye on qualified freelancers who are reliable and eligible to do any sort task related to Web Development, Web Maintenance, WordPress, Digital Marketing or various Graphic Design task (Website Graphics, Flyers, Logo, Brochures, Banners & other.

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Dedidated Hiring Process

Process for Hiring a Dedicated Virtual Assistant


Step 1: Get Started

Lets Get Started. Please fill the enquiry form to let us know details of your task / project. One of our experienced project co-ordinator will schedule a initial meeting with you. He will make a detail note of all your requirements, task attributes and other instructions. He will be able to answer all your queries and will suggest you the best possible solution.

Step 3: Skill Testing

Testing the skills of shortlisted VA. Our project manager will do a trial run to test all skills required by you. We always do a quality audit before we send you all reports. Once you approve the work, we will assign VA / Project Manager to your Task/ Project.

Step 2: Skill Sourcing

Sourcing Top Talent to match your required skillset. Our project manager will assign an in-house VA who has skills to match your requirements else, we will find a suitable candidate. We are connected with 100’s of Freelance VA’s with minimum 4+ years of experience behind them. They are from India, Philippines, UK, USA & EU Nationals.

Step 4: Hire Your VA

You are ready to work with your VA. Once we introduce you to your desired project manager or VA on-board, you have complete control over them. Assign task directly to him or communicate via project manager who is available without any extra cost.

Save your time and money. We invested all just for you.

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Project Handover Document

Lets Prepare the Project Handover Document

A project handover document list every statement we need to work on project. Client requesting the project clearly define the statements related to requirement specification, scope of work, milestone and delivery specification. This minimise the risk and help us to maintain our quality.

Our VA work in accordance with this document to ensure speedy work delivery and you get exactly what you are looking at. In case you don’t have the time to prepare this document, our project manager will prepare the same and get approval from you. Unlike other complex scoping document we simplified the process, please refer to our project scoping infographic listed below:



Project Manager

Project Manager Responsibilities

Available for any size project, No Extra Cost

Whether you are engaging us for a single task or hiring a team, we provide a experience project manager without any extra cost. He communicate with you, take instructions and assist VA to complete the task. He is the one who will ensure a speedy project delivery as per your specifications. He will also assist you in preparing project management document in order to get maximum output from VA.

For agencies who are hiring a team or a VA, we provide a manager with experience HR recruitment. He will skill sourcing on your behalf and do everything to ensure you get a right person matching your requirements. Please review the info-graphic to learn more about role and responsibility of project manager available free for every single task.