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Virtual Assistants

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Virtual assistants can be termed as virtual employees or virtual workers who work remotely from their home / office, providing administration and other technical and specialized support to small businesses. They also offer marketing support, promotions and creative services.

Since VA’s are not considered to be full time employees, the employers are not liable to pay them any normal employee benefits like taxes, insurance, provident fund or any such type of remuneration. Clients also can save the infrastructure costs as space, office equipment like PC, printer, fax machine and other fixed overhead cost.

Hire A Virtual Assistant and Make Your Competition Irrelevant.

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  7. How a virtual assistant works as a lifesaver?
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Virtual Assistant Save Your Time & Money

In the fast-paced life of 21st century, business has become more challenging. If the digital revolution has given you an opportunity to sell to the entire world, it has also made the entire world your competition. Now anyone from anywhere can eat into your market share. The only way to survive is to be the best in whatever you do, and the only way to be the best is to focus on the area of your core expertise and delegate the rest of the work to others.

But delegating work means hiring employees and which means more expense, and the more you spend the less traction you enjoy in your business and tougher it gets to compete. The situation is tricky, but the answer to this comes from the same source which has created the problem in the form of unlimited competition. The answer to this is to hire a virtual assistant from the developing economy and experience the strength of a qualified team without spending an arm and a leg doing so.

What is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant (VA) is a professional who works from a remote location and help you and your business in various ways. A VA helps you with various kinds of administrative works as well as some specialized works for which a physical presence of an employee in your office is not required, which in fact means that a VA helps you with almost all kinds of business operations, as for most of the works you do not a regular employee.

Like a regular employee, a virtual assistant works with you on an ongoing basis and builds a collaborative professional relationship with your business. In short, you can think of a virtual assistant as an off-location employee who does not come to your office and who charges much less for his services (time).

A VA comes from different business background, and some of them have years of experience of assisting real business (in non-virtual world) in various kinds of administrative tasks (or other specialized tasks from the VA’s domain).

How a virtual assistant is different than employees?

A virtual assistant may work as your employee, but he is not an employee. He is an entrepreneur himself who operates from either his home or his office far off in the distant corner of the world. Unlike an employee who works only to get his monthly salary on time, and who switches on at 10 (or 9:30) AM and switches off at 6 (or 5:30) PM, a virtual assistant shares the same passion for his work as you do for yours.

That is the reason why the output produced by a VA is far more satisfactory (and of better quality) than the output produced by an average employee. Not only that, you do not need to offer any employee benefit, taxes or fixed overheads to a VA, which is an extra burden on your business. You just pay for what you get, and in the process your business does not accumulate any overhead cost, which slices your bottom line.

In simple terms, a virtual assistant is an virtual employee whom you do not need to pay any employee benefit and on whom you do not incur any overhead cost. He works from his own home office and you can hire a VA as and when you need one. You only pay for number of hours for which you hire a virtual assistant or what work is delivered.

How does a virtual assistant work?

A VA uses high-speed Internet connection and up-to-date computers to perform your work. He uses the latest communication technology to communicate with you and deliver the work to you on time. For real-time communication, a virtual assistant typically uses services like instant messengers (Yahoo, GTalk, MSN, AOL, ICQ, etc.), voice and video chats (Skype), and screen sharing software (Team Viewer). For work reporting and time monitoring various applications like Google Docs, and Team Viewer are used. And the best part of this is you do not need to invest in any of the infrastructure of facilitate seamless communication. A VA does all the investment.

As a rule, all the virtual assistants are well versed in the use of technology, unlike most of the employees, for whom technology is as alien to them as it was to rest of the world some 20 years ago.

What are the job descriptions of a virtual assistant?

The prime role of a virtual assistant is to provide administrative support to companies working on the other side of the globe, but of late, a virtual assistant has branched out in all kinds of different fields, and now a virtual assistant can help you in all kinds of work – from website development or maintenance to marketing to SEO to social media promotion to technical support to creative design to stationary design to writing. These virtual assistants are niche-focused with a good knowledge of domain they operate in. They are qualified professional with an expertise in their fields.

Some virtual assistants specialize in handling a certain type of clients. Some of them are well equipped to assist coaches (business, life, executives, etc.), whereas others have years of experience in working closely with speakers, authors, consultants, real estate consultants, etc. In short, A VA can specialize in ether a domain or handling a client type.

Example Tasks to Delegate to your VA

  • Internet Research Activities
  • Data Entry (Offline & Online)
  • Internet Marketing Activities
  • Website Management, Updates
  • E-commerce Website Management
  • E-mail Marketing, List Management
  • Directory Submissions
  • RSS Submission
  • Press Release Writing & Submission
  • Web 2.0 Property Creation
  • Data Mining & Data Processing
  • Data updates & record Keeping
  • SEO VA (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Link Building, Backlink Development
  • Online shop, Directory Updating
  • Customer Service Executives
  • Blog Maintenance Tasks
  • Article Writing & Submission
  • Social Profile Maintenance
  • Optimised Blog Postings

To know more, Please find the complete task list/ service list of our virtual assistant here.

How a virtual assistant works as a lifesaver?

In the world in which competition has ben augmented by the Internet, the only way to remain in the business is to concentrate one’s effort to deliver exceptionally satisfying products or services to your customers. The goal now is to excite your customers and not merely satisfy them, and you can do this only when you have enough time and resources to focus things that you do the best.

By hiring a virtual assistant to help you in the execution part of your work, or to complete your non-core work, you can buy yourself a lot of time which you can use to expand your business and also to create value for your customers. A VA gives you traction and helps you remain agile and competitive in the market. if you are a market leader then the VA will help you retain your leadership position in the market.

How a VA service is cheaper than hiring a permanent staff?

When you hire a full-time employee, you do not just need to pay them a monthly fixed salary, which more often than not, outweigh the output they deliver, but you also need to give them all the employees benefit recommended by the rule of the land. Not only that, when you hire a full-time employee, you also incur a fixed as well as variable overhead cost in terms of office space, cost of a computer, electricity bill, internet bill, etc.

You can save all these costs by hiring a virtual assistant by paying an hourly pay of anything between $8 and $15 for the actual number of hours a VA has worked for you. You do not need to worry about employee benefits, overhead costs, and taxes, etc. To a VA, you pay only for the work that he or she delivers. There is no fixed salary you need to pay him.

Hiring a virtual assistant is the way to the future

There are two types of businessman, one who dwells in the past and one who does business in the future. A business of the past relies heavily on full-time employees, so it always runs a risk of getting oust by competitor, whereas, a business of the future walks ahead of time to remain competitive in the market, if not lead the market from the front, and adopting new way to organize a team is a very seminal step in that direction. Hiring a virtual assistance in your team is one such step which bears far more result than having an employee in your office to do the same work.

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