Project-Based Hiring Model

Pay as you go – No long term contract, no hidden fees, Fixed Price Outsourcing Model

Accept The Toughest of Challenges!

Hiring a Qualified Virtual Assistant is easy with us. With us, you get complete control over your Virtual Assistant or your Remote Team of qualified talent. We offer flexibility, Transparency & customized solution as per the need and requirements of our customers & partners. With effective planning and assured on-time deliverance, we help you face all project management challenges with ease!

Benefits of Project-Based Hiring

  • Save Time
  • Save Costs
  • Time & Material Pricing
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Improve Agility
  • Hire Specialized Skills
  • Get New Ideas and Perspectives
  • Project Completion Guarantee
  • After Sale Support

Process per Project

We offer project-based hiring to ease your pains of making long-term commitments and going through hectic contract signing tasks. We follow a ‘Fly in Fly out’ Model that ensures a seamless short-term recruiting process to handle your immediate projects efficiently.

You can always extend the relationship for more long-term benefits. But you have the choice, and the service duration won’t extend beyond the specified time-frame.

Opting for project-based hiring processes also facilitates professionalism. This further encourages the candidate to do the assigned work more seriously and faster. Short-term projects motivate freelancers, outsourcers, and other remote teams to incorporate innovative ideas and close your projects on high priority.

Businesses are looking for solutions beyond the traditional full-time employee staffing. To manage a contingent workforce more productively, they are continuously seeking project-based teams to cater to their specific needs.

This process allows companies to hire more efficient personnel, including contractors, project managers, freelancers, consultants, and more specialized professionals in the talent pool. It ensures efficiency, perfection, and productivity at every stage of the project management cycle, which is not often achievable with full-time employees.

Contingency hiring even lets you remain agile, especially when you are dealing with a dynamic market. Moreover, a contingent workforce also ensures business continuity when your regular employees go on leave.