Close Projects Faster! We help to manage and close your projects as fast as initiating them!

How Does Our Project Management Procedure Work?

Our virtual project managers know how to deal with diverse projects and tasks without compromising on the quality of the deliverables. To ensure high-quality deliverables, we follow these project management processes –

  1. Planning and Organizing of our Client’s Work
  2. Identifying and Assigning Potential VAs to Complete a Specific Task as per their Talents
  3. Managing Day-to-day Project Activities Seamlessly
  4. Preparing Work Reports Regularly
  5. Always Available for Client Communications
  6. Quality Management Product Testing
  7. Getting Approval from the Client
  8. Delivering Projects to the Client on Time
  9. Offering Support and Maintenance Services

Knowing the Project Inside Out!

Our first and foremost job after receiving the project brief and other details is to analyze and evaluate the core requirements of the client. Laying a strong foundation is essential to get started in the right direction. Our experienced project managers understand your business mission as well as short- and long-term goals.

Next, we determine the possible ways of completing the project most efficiently and then move on to the planning and organizing stage. After studying the brief of the task assigned to us, we make specific inferences about the predefined responsibilities and roles our VAs would need to play.

Moving forward, we build a solid plan project strategy while defining the objectives of the particular task. We try to provide maximum transparency and clarity to our clients while discussing the project plan we have developed. While explaining our process, we also discuss the expected outcomes, along with some measurable and scalable data regarding the resources we need to accomplish the task.

Defining Critical Milestones!

After organizing and determining our project strategies, we work on identifying the key defining points throughout the project, more commonly known as the milestones. We analyze the entire lifecycle of the project from initiation, planning, delegation, execution to the final closure. It helps us to identify any potential risks that might act as an obstacle to our project competition process and immediately mitigate them.

Further, our team members collaborate and interact to devise ways of addressing any issues right away through careful observation and sincere dedication. After tracing the critical milestones of the project, we work on meeting the expectations of our clients.

Communication is Key!

We know how communication is essential, especially in remote working. Our team communicates with our clients at every stage to maximize transparency, trust, clarity – the foundations of any team. We use efficient communication tools and channels to ensure a seamless exchange of information and dataflow.

Also, we believe reports and analytical insights are vital components of every project management process. And hence, we talk in numbers to show you the expected outcomes with factual evidence.

Meeting Deadlines!

One common issue that most businesses face with outsourcing companies is not receiving the project deliverables within the specified time-frame. With us, you can expect quality deliverance of the assigned work within the discussed time-frame.

What’s more, we will keep you updated on our work progress regularly. In fact, we will discuss our next steps at every stage of the project management process. It would help you to have a rough estimate of the time in which you can expect the project and also determine how it’s going!

The Final Stage!

You can even discuss any last-minute changes or new incorporations to be made, and we will get them done right away! Once done, we will finally get approval from our clients and ensure that everything is going well as per requirements and expectations.

Our job doesn’t end after delivering the work; we offer post-completion support and maintenance as well, especially if it’s web development services. We are available for our clients even after deliverance because we know how maintaining and managing your website and other digital services are crucial for your business! Our VAs offer long-term maintenance and client support services to ensure everything is working well.