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There could be a big debate on the topic that whether you should hire a person to take care of your website, or should you do it all by yourself. I know proponents of both schools of thoughts have many logically-oiled bullet points to prove themselves right and they can even stretch the verbal battle on this topic for years to come.

But, here I have decided to take the side of anyone party, and as the title must have given you the idea that I am with the former group that believes that at some point of time you should let go of blogging and hire someone to do that work for you. Which brings us to the original question: why should you hire someone to manage your website? To find the answer, read this article to the end.

Because you need time to create

If blogging is not the main thing you do for living then shifting the responsibility of blogging to a full-time blogging professional is the ideal thing to do. It frees you from the obligation to write one or more posts daily, and you can use this freedom to create value for your customers.

Always keep in mind that your customers are with you not because of your ability to write eye-catching titles of your blog post, or keeping them engaged with your lucid style of writing. But they are with you because you solve their problems, because they know you have the solution to their problems. It is, therefore, beneficial for you to invest your time creating value for them.

Also because you cannot do it on your own

We all have only 24 hours in a day, and if we spread ourselves too thin in doing all the activities that need to be done to make a business successful then our businesses, for which we are spreading ourselves too thin, will not survive the competitive warfare.

It is not humanly possible to do it all by oneself. Thus soon we start missing the deadlines. For a busy business owner, one missed deadline means adding extra burden to the next day’s schedule. And what happen the next day? You miss one more deadline because of the yesterday’s burden, and it continues to add up, until you get agitated, frustrated, and start pulling your hairs out.

You can save yourself from this, and for that you need to learn to delegate non-core works to others. If you do not have a team then you should hire a virtual assistant blogger and outsource this work to him or her.

Because someone else can do it better

You may be the best product creator in your industry, but that does not make you the best blogger of your industry. You need someone who has a captivating writing style, and a good understanding of your industry, or ability to research for the topic and willingness to stay on top of the news in your industry to write on your blog.

A professional staff blogger (who makes his living by blogging) is anytime better equipped to handle the blogging workload, for this is his job to do so. He knows what it takes to make the audience talk about the blog. He knows how to keep people involved, and what to write about, so that people could start speaking their hearts out. A professional staff blogger knows the art of involvement.

Because you need to know more about your industry

Whatever the level of understanding you have of your industry, you need to know more to stay ahead of the competition. The speed at which your industry is changing is mind-boggling, and you need to outpace that change to be the champion. And for all this you need time, energy, money, and ability to maneuver all the resources. You can either do this, or invest time in writing blog posts for your readers, all of whom are not necessarily your customers.

So what have you decided?

To continue blogging on your own and investing time creating wonderful pieces (blog posts) that will make your audiences more knowledge about your industry, or you want to spend your time injecting value (using the knowledge you have) in the solution you offer to your customers, and letting the communication and connection part rest in the able hands of a professional staff blogger?

The decision is yours because you have to decide what is more important for your company, and for your customers?