Scale Faster with Managed Team of Top Vetted Tech Talent

Offering Solution to Your Tech & Business Process Outsourcing Problems

What we can do as your Offshore Outsourcing Partner?  

Get extraordinary tech & business process outsourcing talent e.g. website developers, programmers, graphic designer, data engineers and digital marketing specialist. We help you to set up your own remote team of qualified virtual assistants.  

We Believe In Transparency & Clarity! Without transparency, virtual teams cannot build trust and team spirit – the foundations of team collaboration!

What you will get?

  1. Multiple Domain, Multiple Specialist: Get Access to a Variety of Skills
  2. Fly in Fly out Model: Hire Employees on Per Project Basis
  3. Reduce Your Stress: Delegate Your Worries to Us
  4. Save Time, Increase Productivity: Do Tasks that are Important to You
  5. Lower Costs by Hiring Remote Employees: Save Operational Costs up to 60%
  6. No HR Worries: We find the right VA for you
  7. No Management Worries: Our Project Manager Handles All
  8. Risk Reduction, No Contract: No Govt. Compensation or Collateral Damages

Hire Risk-free Remote Project Managers

With us, you can hire remote employees on a per-project basis, which maximizes your flexibility and productivity while mitigating all possible risk factors. Our Fly-In, Fly-Out Model is beneficial for those looking for cost-effective project management solutions to meet their short-term goals.

This option is specifically designed for start-ups and entrepreneurs who usually look for value-for-money services and low-cost staffing solutions. Moreover, long-term commitments might often involve risks and policy compliance issues. Hiring our efficient project managers frees you from all HR and management-related worries.

While you take care of your vital projects and tasks, we take care of your policy compliances and work on alleviating all sorts of risks. Using our services, you can stop worrying about messy contracts and government compensations since neither of these are involved.

Qualified & Specialized VAs

Our qualified Virtual Assistants have specializations in diverse fields, allowing you access to multiple specialists and industry leaders within the talent pool. What’s more, each of our project managers has skills that match your specific business requirements.

Our virtual assistants have gained tremendous experience in working with multiple clients and across various domains. This is why you have the advantage of choosing from a wide array of specialists and experts while delegating your tasks to us.

Lower Operational Costs by Up to 60%

SMEs and start-ups often struggle with meeting the ever-increasing operational and hiring costs, especially during the initial stages of growth. Using our services, you can save big on recruitment processes, managing business functions, and projects.

Hiring remote teams from us not only enhances your work efficiency but also eliminates all the unnecessary expenses and overheads you might have spent on managing an entire in-house team. Further, by hiring our professional virtual assistants, you can eliminate the costs of adopting expensive project management or team management technologies and tools.

Free Up Your Important Personnel

In today’s fast-paced world and fierce market competition, you have no time to spare. So, make sure your teams are doing productive work and not wasting valuable time in managing the petty tasks. By delegating all your projects and assignments to us, you are freeing up your employees’ time, who can now focus on only what’s essential.

Our VAs eliminates all your recruitment worries, thus reducing the burden on your HR team. We will help you find the right team players for you who can boost business growth and success. Besides, our project managers are trained to handle all your tasks and assignments with ease, relieving you of management-related stress as well.

Get Customized Solutions, Boost Productivity

Your business has unique needs that require careful attention and more personalized solutions. Only a skilled and experienced project manager can handle each of your specific necessities seamlessly without hampering any core business operations.

By taking care of your custom requirements and preferences, our VAs enable you to reduce all the time-consuming manual tasks, messy paperwork, and erroneous spreadsheets. We understand exactly what your business needs to facilitate maximum revenue generation and achieve success. We will help you reach your goals faster and smarter!

Long-Term Solutions Without Any Contracts

Long-term commitments often tend to arise numerous questions in our minds, such as security protocols, legal contracts, associated collateral damages, taxes, and government compensations. However, with our convenient ‘Fly in Fly out’ model, you can hire virtual teams only on a per-project basis, which means you don’t need to bear long-term staffing costs.

The best thing about outsourcing is choosing from diverse options, including different skills, talents, specializations, etc. Moreover, there are no hidden costs if you outsource teams from us since we believe in delivering value rather than generic ‘one-size-fits-all’ services.

Hiring our VAs will widen your opportunities and allow you to explore different ideas and scopes. To stand out in the crowd, you really need to adapt to changes and bring innovations, and we will help you with that. Our services will enable you to gain long-term success since we believe in consistency, responsiveness, and commitment.