Offshore Web Developer

Get Top Vetted Talent with ASP.NET, PHP, Java, & Python Programming Skills

Offshore Software/ App Development Staffing Services

We are providing talented and skilled programmers & developers for mobile apps, software, web application with AJAX, ASP.NET, PHP, Java, Python & other programming skills. We also have a team support specialists e.g. project managers, UI/ UX designers & bug testers who help them to create a scalable solution.

These programmers have hand-on experience with the latest frameworks such as Laravel, Zend, CakePHP, Kohana, & CodeIgniter & will be doing the job for you as your own employee on a fixed monthly remuneration. These skill-sets will be working directly under you under your instructions, apart from these, we will be providing entire infrastructure and communication tools so that they can interact with you on regular basis. Our project manager will take responsibilities for communicating, delegating and monitoring your project’s developments.

We offer this unique program for web development companies. This is the most cost effective outsourcing business model for your out sourcing needs. This service can be out sourced in India and can save your development cost much more. We also have the location advantage, with our presence in New Delhi the capital city of India, which is well connected and have people with excellent communication skills.

An offshore programmer or developer can work from our location and you can save much on day to day overheads. This will save the burden on your HR manager as we will be doing the recruitment’s for you. We have four years of experience in web developments and have necessary expertise in handling such kind of projects. We can manage entire setup professionally to meet your expectations.

How this system will be benefited to you:

  • Productive time management
  • Effective project management.
  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • Any time communication.
  • Save your setup cost
  • On time project execution.
  • Effective project monitoring
  • Maintain quality standards
  • Ownership of your product.
  • Save huge cost, No hourly payments.
  • Direct interaction with the programmer.
  • More stability than hiring a freelancer.
  • Saving time on searching for a professional person.
  • No headache for your HR team
  • Increase or decrease manpower at any point of time.
  • There will be minimum and maximum commitment defined from the either side

What you will be getting:

  • Dedicated skilled professional.
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Domain experience.
  • Working hours will be 8 hours a day x 5 days a week.
  • Ready infrastructure.
  • Your own team
  • Project monitoring
  • Consultancy as a part of project.
  • Back up by our in-house team of professional.

We have our own team of professionals who will be monitoring and helping to execute your project within the acceptable quality parameters. You will be getting a full team of experienced professionals, working directly under you. If you have any further queries, do contact us with your project and budget, and we will be revert back to you with our proposal in no time.

Why should you hire a dedicated web developer with us?

  • Industry Experience We are Offering VA Services Since 2003
  • Client Get Certified & Highly Skilled Virtual Assistants
  • Flexible & Competitive Pricing to suites within your Budget
  • Customized Solutions to Suit your Requirements
  • Use of Latest Technologies, Improve Efficiency & Save Time
  • Completion Guarantee Delivery within the agreed Time-Frame
  • Effective Project Management to Improve Productivity
  • Guaranteed Quality Work Delivery to  your Expectations
  • Guaranteed Savings, Save up-to 60% Hiring A VA with us
  • Focus on Higher Priorities Improve Efficiency & Profitability