Solution For Solo Entrepreneurs.

Manage your daily business processes with our talented On-demand Virtual Assistants and maximize your productivity.

On demand virtual assistants for solo entrepreneurs

Using a virtual assistant for your day to day task is all about saving you time. The time you can better use to help grow the business and bring in more income. In many cases, virtual assistants can actually make you more money. By managing your day today business processes or by creating your new digital assets to sell (E-commerce) and many other ways.

We understand the needs of your business and know that solo entrepreneurs have to plan their business based on projects. To help you out with the same, we at V14 business provide solo entrepreneurs with three different types of virtual employee hiring solution:

The Solutions We Offer

Hire Per Task

Have limited requirements and want to hire employees based on tasks? Say, get a few webpages fixed or want to fix your wordpress issues or something similar? Relax, we got you covered with our “hire per task” option.

Hire Per Hour

If your business is limited to regular assistance for a minimal time, say some 10, 20 hours a week, for instance, you can still seek professional help with our “hire per hour” virtual assistance options.

Hire Weekly/ Monthly

Have got a task that will last for weeks or maybe months? You can use our “hire per week/month” plan option to hire a Dedicated VA for one full month or a week to get your tasks done.

Benefits of hiring Virtual Assistants

  • Our dedicated team of experts at VA4 Business focuses on getting the right talent on board. The dedicated HR team focuses on refining candidates and finding out the ideal ones for the business of every type. With the best employees on board for your solo entrepreneurship journey, your business can overcome any hurdle that comes to its way without much delay.
  • Our job doesn’t only end at hiring the right candidate for a business, our pool of professionals undergo several pieces of training and learn new methodologies over the years. Our employees are focused on working as the best virtual assistance team and add to your business with the best real-time response.
  • Virtual Assistants prove to be a cost-effective resource, they do not need your resources and you save on providing them with tools. Moreover, you also save on office rents as the entire workforce is now online and works over cloud.
  • When you hire Virtual Assistants, you unlock the maximum potential for your business. By receiving the best of skill sets on your team from both IT/Non-IT background, success is ensured. You get your hands on industry-specific expertise.
  • A huge talent pool that is available at a competitive rate and at different setups (hourly, daily, weekly/monthly), helping you follow your solo entrepreneurship journey on zero setup cost.
  • VA4Business saves you from the troubles of managing a team. Our Virtual Assistants understand their ways to work around businesses of every type and help you unlock the true potential.
  • With the best of a wide variety of sectors on board, enhanced productivity is assured.