Dedicated Remote Employee

Suitable for ongoing long term project,
A extraordinary tech talent will be dedicated solely to manage your business process.

Dedicated Hiring Model

Recruiting dedicated employees is an art in itself and requires creativity and skills. Only an experienced and qualified staffing specialist can assist you in reaching the right employees.

We will help to match the skills of our candidates with your unique and distinctive preferences and business requirements. With our diligent hiring process, we release the burden of staffing from your shoulders.

You do not need to waste your precious time posting on social media and wait until you reach the right employee. Leave such pains on us, and we will select the most suitable candidate specialized for a specific position or job role.

Identifying the Right Employees for your business

Here is the six-step process you can expect while hiring a dedicated remote talent with us

The best way to identify the right candidate for a particular post is to –

  • Look for someone who is committed to his/her career. Check the employee’s profile and his past professional records. Avoid hiring someone who switches jobs and even career fields aimlessly.
  • Next, examine the analytical and learning skills of the candidate by trying different methodologies. Ensure that your employee is agile enough to learn and acquire the necessary skills required for your specific job role.
  • Check the compatibility of the candidate with your company values and culture. S/he must be willing to have open communication with the managers and other employees without hesitation.

Here is what you get:

  • A well-managed virtual employee is willing to take responsibilities.
  • Free Computer system and workplace for the employee.
  • 100 hours of quality work per month for 22 days a month (Saturday and Sunday holiday)
  • Efficient high-speed internet access
  • Live interaction with the employee through video call/ voice chatting
  • You have total control over the employee (manage/interact/ hiring/ firing)

The skills on offer at Back Office

  • English-proficient employees, good conversation skills
  • Bloggers who will write and mange blogs for you.
  • SEO, Promotion specialist for your website.
  • Affiliate Managers/ Marketing Managers.
  • Web Site Developers with latest coding skills
  • Graphic Designers with excellent designing skills
  • PHP programmers, developers
  • Data entry operators, managing online and offline work

Why Hire a Dedicated Remote Employee with VA4Business?

Zero Overheads

No tedious contracts, Infrastructure, setup, overheads, & other expenses like hardware, rent, taxes etc.

No HR Worries

Hiring, Training, Payroll, Infrastructure & other expenses, you don’t need to pay anything for these.

On-Demand Staffing

Employee deployment within 48 hours post skill matching on the basis of your Scope of Work

Stress Free Delegation

No Management Headaches, Simple Hiring Model with an account manager to troubleshoot

Qualified Skill-set

Hire highly qualified & experienced remote employees (tested & vetted talents)

Fly-in Fly-out

No Fixed Contract. Hire a VA Hourly, Weekly, Monthly, Per Task or Per Project basis