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Outsourcing Data Entry Services

Information is the currency of our time. How you collect, store, process, analyze, manage, and use information largely decides how much successful we become in the work that you do. Information is very useful, but the very act of storing and tabulating it eats up so much of your time that you do not get time to analyze it, to the say the least. Let’s not talk about using the stored information.

Not having information is better than having unused information, as it creates confusion and builds up steam inside us, and you get stressed out, which inevitably result in lacklustre performance and sombre productivity.

Won’t your precious time be well-spent in processing, analyzing, and using the stored and tabulated information than to use it to store and tabulate it?

This is the reason why I suggest you hire a qualified Remote Employee or a Virtual Assistant to do data entry work for you. He will work as you ghost self-working as efficiently, if not more, as you would, but at a lot lesser hourly cost than you will incur when doing the exact same thing. But how to find a good one is the question many of you will be toying with! The answer to which lies in the paragraphs below.

Traits of a good data entry virtual assistant


The speed with which a virtual assistant feeds lines and lines of data in the software application of choice matters a lot in keeping the project cost low for you, and when I say cost, I do not only mean the price you pay for the data entry virtual assistant, I also mean the cost you will increase because of the delay in project delivery. The faster one is the quicker will be the turn-around time.


Once being fast is not enough. Anyone can type 100-words a minute, if all he has to think is of speed without any care for accuracy, whatsoever. The real profession is the one who strikes a balance between accuracy and speed because he understands that it is not the speed along for which he is being paid, he is being paid for quickly entering exact information in the sheet, as your end goal is to get correct information in a file and not just a quick entry.1


How useful will a virtual assistant be to you, if he will not be there when you need him? Lack of availability in the time of need is what makes freelance data entry workers unreliable, and hence undesirable. A professional virtual assistant that we assign on job surpasses any freelance worker on this front. He will be available whenever you need him, and when he is not there, we put an equally qualified data entry virtual assistant on the job.

Data security

Here lies the biggest caveat against hiring an independent data entry guy. You never know what he will do with the data you will trust him with. He may not do anything, but he can, very well, do anything and everything with it. If he is slightly dishonest then he can sell a copy of the precious data on various bidding sites, or to your competitors, blunting your competitive edge you were expecting to gain, and if he is a little more cunning, he can just run away with it, and may put it on download or something worse.

Data being the currency we all trade in, I do not advice taking risk. I would suggest getting reliable virtual assistant hired for the data entry job. This will not cost you your night’s sleep.


Always keep in mind the above traits of a data entry expert before hiring one for the job. Hiring a wrong one may cost you dearly, but the right one will give you a lot of free time, which you can use to grow your business, or take your family to the vacation you have been postponing for god knows how long.

Get a Data Entry VA

Want to outsource your Data Entry VA, or to a team of data entry professionals, for yourself?  Let’s find some great ones, at great prices.