"A VA (Virtual Assistant) can provide wide variety of support services for small businesses. VA’s helps you to recognize that your time is better, and you spend more hours working for your business rather than handling unproductive administration duties."

Excess workload, looking to cut down your overhead cost and need extended business hours?

Are you losing your business, just because you have less time and too much occupied with your other commitments?

Relax; time to forget your worries, hire a virtual assistant to manage your day to day task and focus more on your Business Growth. Delegating your task to a qualified helper allows you to take more challenges and opportunities with the free time that you get and you can spend extra time with your family and friends.

Save your time - Using virtual assistants is all about saving you time. Time you can better use to help grow the business and bring in more income. Please review the featured VA services mentioned below:

Featured VA Services:

With us you get a virtual office with absolutely no investments and get access to qualified professionals who are ready to work over your projects within your budget and requirements.

We understand the fact that you know how to manage your business better than anyone else, you know what all you need to develop your business, and how to spend quality time at your workplace and with your family. Its lack of time, fixed infrastructure and business operating costs sometimes push you back and you cannot do it all alone.

Your business need your time and you may need to delegate some of your routine business tasks to free-up your resources and focus on key areas to grow your business.

We help you to setup your own virtual back-office with us. Hire a virtual assistant to acomplish your daily website maintenance/ marketing tasks and save your precious time. Your time is the money you spend in your business in order to turn your inventory into throughput and optimize your work-leisure balance.

VA Business Services (An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company) provide affordable virtual assistant services (remote back office support) to small & medium scale businesses, Solo Entrepreneurs and Work at Home Professionals.

We work just like your own office, you can hire an experienced and talented virtual assistant who work dedicatedly for you, under your instructions as your virtual support assistant. The VA works from our office premises situated as New Delhi, India, here you save your fixed business cost and tax obligations.

Hiring our virtual assistants will help you to save up to 60% fixed and variable cost as compared with cost spent in developed nations such as USA, UK or Europe.

List of Tasks Our VA can do for you?

We provide you customized VA (virtual assistants), experienced and talented professionals with college degree and your desired specialization and skills. They will have good experience and better skilled in managing and delivering tasks assigned to them. Below are the lists of services our VA will do on your behalf:

  • Webmaster VA: Experienced webmaster to accomplish your website management and daily maintenance tasks.
  • SEO / Marketing VA: VA with a degree in marketing to manage your Internet Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Website promotion tasks
  • Blogger VA: A virtual assistant who helps you with Blog Setup, Blog design, maintenance and promotion work.
  • Advertising Designer VA: VA with graphic design skills for Brand maintenance work, design your marketing tools e.g. brochure, Flyers and other advertising materials.
  • Data Entry Manager: We provide you experienced and talented VA with good typing speed to manage your clerical tasks.
  • Internet Researcher: We will provide a VA with analytic skills will provide you In-depth research and analysis on specified topic related to your business.

Hire a VA and kickstart your own virtual back office with us, take control of your virtual assistants (remote workers) without any headache of doing big investments on fixed and variable costs such as, office space, infrastructure, Equipments cost, Employee Recruitment Cost, fixed monthly salaries and other overheads.

Hiring Virtual Workers, how it works for SME's?

VA (virtual assistants) or virtual workers provides you professional administrative, technical, marketing or creative support you may need time to time. They work with you in an ongoing, collaborative professional relationship from our office (your remote back office).

  • Low cost employees, its labor arbitrage generated by the wage gap between two countries.
  • Access to a larger talent pool, you have a sustainable source of skills.
  • You are not responsible for any employee-related taxes, insurance or benefits.
  • Low Investment, you get a virtual workspace, no need to create infrastructure or worry about fixed business cost.
  • You save Business Operating expenses, e.g. office expenses, maintenance and utilities.
  • It's an "fly-in, fly-out" staffing practices, hire only when you need one.
  • Customize your remote assistants to meet your exact needs, Options to choose multiple VA's to match all your requirements.
  • You get extented business hours, virtual worker do all your tasks in your night time.

Virtual assistants or remote assistants (also known as virtual workers) help you to save your time, cost and improve your productivity. Hire a competent virtual assistant today, who are real entrepreneurs turned to trained professionals. They work with dedication just like you work for your business; it's like your own shadow helping you to multiply your time you always wanted to invest towards growth of your business.

VA's are the right solution for small business worries.

Small business entrepreneur sometime struggle hard to manage time between home and workplace, finding it difficult to deal with day-to-day essential tasks such as sales, marketing, administration, or research & development.

Or when your workload increases but you may not have enough time to perform your daily office tasks, results you work under pressure doing all noncore task and it doesn’t leave a scope of investing “Quality Time” your business needs.

Hiring a virtual assistant helps you to reduce your business operating costs and increase your productivity, you spend quality time at your workplace and with your family.

As your business grows the competition grows too and factors like fast pace of technology up-gradations, you may not be able to cope up with performing daily office tasks. To gain advantage over your competition you need to assign your daily tasks to a competent person and you look after key business areas. It’s “The Quality Time" you invest in your business will give you an edge over your competitions.

Why need to spend your precious time in relatively less productive areas i.e. labor extensive, time-consuming works like, document management, employee management and other labor-intensive work, when you can outsource the same to a Dedicated Virtual Assistant.

Hiring a VA to manage your on-going task, is an affordable solution, which can gives you free time, which you can utilize in other important areas of your life.

Who are Virtual Assistants?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is an entrepreneur who provides virtual support service (remote assistance) to small business owners from their own office (your virtual office). VA’s are Independent Contractors rather than employees, they usually has professional experience and deliver better results.

VA’s in India are mostly providing a variety of outsourced IT services for small businesses that are experiencing an overflow of work or lack the expertise required to complete a task or project.

A VA is an entrepreneur by nature; they have excellent communication skills and can provide support to clients utilizing their own experience and area of expertise. A professional VA use its own infrastructure, helps client to avoid the logistical problem of providing extra office space, equipment or supplies.

How a VA will be helpful for your business?

Outsourcing your work to a skilled independent contractor, who can work from his own office, can help you utilization of your valuable time to more effectively towards necessary productive areas of your business.

You use your spare time to develop your business and spend more time on enjoying your personal life.

Hiring a VA can cut your overhead cost i.e. employee recruitment cost, training cost, infrastructure cost, equipment cost and many other expenditure. Since they are independent entrepreneurs, they have the understanding of the requirements of small business.

Your business will be getting extended office hours. More hours invested towards business means more earnings. Hiring a professional VA from different time zone can gives you extra business hours.

How you get extended business hours?

Since we are located in India, which is 5 hours 30 minutes ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) gives our clients advantage of extended working hours. Your work will complete in your nighttime, as those will be our working hours.

A virtual assistant can help you in areas where extensive manual work is required. You can save a lot of time as well as plan your future strategies.

The story behind VA Business Services.

We started with a team of two people in early 2003 with a aim to improve productivity of solo entrepreneurs and small businesses. We officially launched our website in January 2006 when few people understood the concept, roles and responsibilities of a VA.

The company founded by Steve Arun who has experience with internet based businesses since 1997 and professional business experience since 1987. Today we are not a very large team of virtual workers but a small team of six people wish to deliver top notch support services to small businesses.

Our regular team compromise of 6 experienced and talented professionals includes, PHP Programmer, Web developers, SEO specialist, Data entry operators, Advertising designers and graphic designer; apart from this we have several freelance workers available for short term and long term assignments.

"Any activity becomes creative when the doer cares about doing it right, or better."

We have plenty of experience working with large organizations in past, We have successfully provided support for website development, maintenance, advertising and internet marketing to small and medium businesses. We with our best knowledge, like to assure you quality services with best possible efforts. We love our work and honor our commitments.